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Often we get stuck on one “issue” or symptom and we don’t look at the bigger picture. We at Mindful Moxie want to break some of that.  We want to encourage others to learn skills that improve every aspect of their lives, not just one tiny piece. We take a holistic approach and try to view the whole person and their system.  

Mental health and wellness is something we have to cultivate. This is a place to grow and a place to rest while you learn to prosper.

Taylor is licensed as an LCSW in California under license #85575 and in North Carolina under license #C010262


Individual & Couples

Taylor is licensed in the states of California and North Carolina and is available for teletherapy sessions in both states using a HIPAA compliant platform. She loves working with individuals and couples dealing with a variety of topics and concerns.

Individual Wellness Coaching

Are you feeling stuck with where you're at, feeling like you're just floating through life, unsure of what your goals are, or, if you know what your goals are you aren't sure how to achieve them? Wellness coaching may be right for you!


If you're wanting to take your relationship to the next level with new communication techniques, increased intimacy, creating future goals together, and finding the best path to achieve those goals then Taylor would love to help you go from fair to flourishing!

Public Speaking

Taylor loves public speaking. We know, it's weird. Taylor has experience speaking to groups anywhere from 5 individuals to upwards of 300. She has a dynamic approach that encourages engagement because there's not much worse than death by powerpoint!

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